Who is Billionaires Funding Group?

Ask SEDC!,


I am checking to see if anyone has worked with a company called The Billionaires Funding Group. It was first registered as an LLC in December of 2017 in the State of Georgia and has an office in Norcross, GA. The CEO is Shaneel Lalani. The company recently purchased a vacant hospital building in Kennett, MO, for a modest price and is actively seeking investors and attempting to develop plans to renovate the building and open a new hospital/health care facility. We have very little information on the company and would like to know if anyone has had experience with this group.


I have not.  Neither Has the CEO of the Medical Association of GA in Atlanta.

My husband is in medical office real estate here in Metro Atlanta. His firm has buildings and real estate in Georgia, Texas, NC, etc.  I asked him if he’d heard of this group, and he said he had not.  Paul works with most of the brokers and medical real estate investors throughout this area.  Not sure if that is helpful but thought I would pass along that neither the individual or investment group is known here