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2018 SEDC Educational Foundation Scholarships

Annual Scholarships

The SEDC Educational Foundation annually awards professional development scholarships of up to $750 each. The Bob Castle Award is a scholarship up to $1,000. The scholarship is given on a reimbursement basis after the grantee has completed their program of interest. Award winners will need to provide SEDC with proof of attendance/payment and will be reimbursed as soon as possible.

Applicants and their sponsor(s) or employer should understand the rules associated with the scholarships. Please review the following before submitting an application:

1. Scholarship payment must be used for tuition, housing, and meals. Travel costs and other incidental expenses are the responsibility of the recipient.
2. Each recipient will be responsible for making his/her own travel arrangements and applying for course enrollment.
3. SEDC will reimburse recipient at the completion of the course upon submittal of proof of enrollment and payment.

Objectives of scholarships:

1. To provide funding for professional development opportunities to those who have demonstrated need.
2. To ensure the highest trained and prepared individuals in economic development in the country.

Criteria for selection:

1. Scholarships will be awarded based on need.
2. Applicants must be SEDC members in good standing (except for student applicants who have not graduated and are not professionally employed).
3. Applicants must demonstrate dedication to the profession and intend to continue within the field.
4. Scholarships must be used within one year of the award and cannot be used for training/courses completed prior to the award.

Eligible activities or courses recognized*:

1. Any SEDC event
2. Any IEDC Economic Development Course within the SEDC member states
3. The University of Oklahoma’s Economic Development Institute
4. The Community Development Institutes
5. Student scholarships for academic institutions (SEDC professionals who are returning to school are qualified to apply as well).

*All courses and activities must be held in the SEDC 17-state territory.

2016 SEDC Educational Foundation Scholarship Winners

Matthew Poyner
Executive Director
Development Authority of the City of Milledgeville- Baldwin County, GA

David Manley
Executive Director
Joint Industrial Development Authority of Wythe County, Virginia
Brian Sillitto
Sr. VP of Econ. Dev
Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce
Lara Bowman 
Executive Director
Enterprise of Mississippi, Eupora, MS
Meghan Duke
Econ. Dev. Director 
City of West Point, GA