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About StateBook International:

StateBook International is the first proprietary online site selection marketplace that enables economic development organizations to showcase their community, Region, and State. StateBook dramatically improves the process of site selection by aggregating editorial and objective data from economic development organizations throughout the United States in one centralized, searchable location. Site Selectors and Corporations have the ability to confidentially access, search, compare and save results on information critical to site selection decisions for each economic development organization microsite.

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SEDC Member Benefits:

  1. 20%, 25%, & 30% off annual memberships for one, two, and three-year contracts.
  2. Ad revenue share
  3. 3 Hours complimentary StateBook consulting per state on a mutually agreed on topic.
  4. Training on how to use StateBook.
  5. 3 Best Practices Webinars.
  6. Ongoing Tech Support.
  7. 20% discount on licensing StateBook data for your own website.

StateBook for Site Selection
Site selectors may confidentially search and compare locations by county, MSA or EDO, and create detailed reports using StateBook's data aggregated from dozens of reliable, independent, third-party databases. Site Selectors may also anonymously contact EDOs directly through StateBook to ask questions and request additional information.

StateBook for EDO's
EDOs who join as StateBook Members may upload their own information, photos and more to communicate the unique benefits of their region to site selectors, complimenting the robust, independent StateBook Stats and data tools. Since more than 90% of site selection decisions are made online, before an EDO is ever contacted, StateBook provides a powerful tool to state your case - even before you know your region is being considered for investment.