Earlier this year, a task force was established to examine SEDC’s membership structure (individual vs. organizational) and determine if switching from individual membership to organizational membership might benefit.  The task force surveyed the SEDC membership, and the results showed that just over 60% of respondents preferred a change to an organizational membership. A recommendation was made to the Executive Committee, who concurred and brought the change before the full Board of Directors. After much discussion, the board voted to bring the recommendation before the full membership for a vote. During the 2021 Annual Business Meeting on August 17, 2021, SEDC’s voting members accepted the board's recommendation and approved the change to the SEDC membership structure.

The following bylaws changes have been made to coincide with the new organizational membership structure:

  • For the current membership rate of $300, an organization would now receive two memberships instead of one. Similar discounts for multiple members would apply. 
  • If an individual member changes jobs, that individual could take their membership to their new job for the remainder of the term.

What is the new structure of SEDC membership?

New Yearly Investment

# of SEDC Membership you Receive







$1,200 + $50 each additional

8 +

When does the new structure change take place?

December 1st, 2021. SEDC will contact you prior to the change taking place to determine which tier you would like to be placed in. If we do not hear from you by January 1st, SEDC will place you in the most appropriate tier for the number of members your employer currently has with us.