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The purpose of this class is to serve as advisor and project manager (primary point of contact) for assigned companies evaluating Dorchester County as a prospective location for competitive business investments. Responsible for managing key industrial product, projects, and prospects in order to promote the expansion of existing industry and attraction of new industries to improve the county tax base, generate new jobs, and meet other department requirements.


• Assists Economic Development Director with development of new industry and expansion of existing business and industries throughout the County.
• Assists Economic Development Director in planning and managing economic development financial programs and incentive programs.
• Monitors progression of project-related resolutions and ordinances from submission to
Dorchester County Council to approval.
• Develops strong relationships with prospects to effectively meet their needs during their site selection process.
• Maintains online listings of industrial product available for economic development projects.
• Stays abreast of developments affecting the county's business listings by maintaining
constructive relationships with local utilities, real estate brokers, and the SC Department of Commerce.
• Use GIS software to generate project-specific illustrations.
• Maintain knowledge of county-wide industrial product.
• Responds to requests for information (RFIs) in an accurate and timely manner when prospects submit them.
• Maintains knowledge of regional geography and development taking place as it pertains to economic development.
• Maintains working relationships with county staff, elected and appointed officials, ally
organizations and others to unify diverse groups in support of economic development projects.
• Monitors economic development projects as they navigate the permitting/approvals process, helps to expedite matters wherever possible.
• In the event of a project selecting Dorchester County for investment, monitors the
sitework/construction process to completion, and helps to expedite matters wherever possible.
• Maintains detailed record of prospect specifics, identifying trends, opportunities, weaknesses.
• Design itineraries for prospect visits and at times accompanies Economic Development Director when hosting prospect visit/tours/entertainment.
• Provide updates to Dorchester Economic Development Corporation (DEDC) board on active economic development projects.
• Performs general administrative work as required, including preparing reports and
correspondence, entering and retrieving computer data, reviewing mail and literature,
conducting and attending meetings, etc.
• Attends training, conferences, seminars, meetings, etc., to maintain awareness of legislation, trends and technology related to economic development planning and implementation.
• Performs other duties as assigned.


Education and Experience:
Bachelor's degree in a related field.
Requires at least four (4) years of professional experience in an economic development setting.
Special Qualifications:
Must possess a valid state driver's license.