Coffee Break #2

SEDC Coffee Break,

Welcome to the April 28 SEDC Coffee Break! Below, you will find some interesting, entertaining, and informative videos to sip a coffee to and take your mind off of work for a short spell. If you would like to contribute to this program, please send a video, shorter than 15 minutes, to 

This is why they say huskies are stubborn. They're very smart but they have low motivation to please their owners. Zeus loves playing in the water in the bathtub and wanted the water turned on. However, it was time for his walk and he was just being stubborn because he wanted to play in the water.

Cowboy Kent Rollins - How to Make Cowboy Coffee- Speaking of coffee break, how about a good old fashion cup of cowboy joe! Join Cowboy Kent Rollins as he shares his tips and tricks on how to make the best ever cowboy coffee! Enjoy!

Mark Rober - Worlds Largest Elephant Toothpaste Experiment- Elephant toothpaste (aka slime foam) has been done so many times, but check out YouTuber, Mark Rober do it really big by attempting to fill a swimming pool!

Mental Floss - 30 More Life Hacks Debunked: A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John tests another 30 "life hacks" to see if they work as promised.

John Krasinski highlights some good news around the world and brings in his friends Guy Fieri, Martha Stewart, David Chang, and Stanley Tucci for an SGN potluck.