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The Board of Directors of the Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority (“USVIEDA” or “Authority”) invites nominations and applications for the position of Chief Executive Officer for the USVIEDA. USVIEDA seeks a proven, innovative, passionate, informed, thoughtful, and visionary leader who is committed to economic development to lead the advancement of the Authority as it guides the building of a resilient and diverse economy following three major disasters.

The Organization: USVIEDA is a semi-autonomous government agency responsible for the promotion and enhancement of economic development in the U.S. Virgin Islands. USVIEDA, the primary umbrella entity, has four major components:

  • Economic Development Commission
  • Virgin Islands Economic Development Park Corporation (formerly the Industrial Park

Development Corporation)

  • Economic Development Bank (formerly the Government Development Bank and the Small Business Development Agency)
  • Enterprise Zone Commission

The organization is mandated to lead the economic development agenda of the USVI and to ensure a resilient and sustained future for business retention, expansion, and attraction for the territory in collaboration with the public and private sectors.

The Position: Reporting to the USVIEDA Board of Directors and operating within policies and procedures established by the Board, the CEO is responsible for preserving and enhancing the economic development agenda of the USVIEDA. The CEO is responsible for the recruitment, development, and enhancement of staff to advance the Authority’s programs and to support economic success. The CEO will lead the Authority’s components to uphold and enhance fair and responsive policies and procedures, establish and execute an effective strategic plan and action agenda, and appropriately allocate fiscal resources to advance the Authority’s mission. USVIEDA’s CEO will lead the Authority in exploring new opportunities that best serve the economic resiliency and sustainability of the territory with relevant and innovative businesses and industries including those that explore the wise development of natural resources of the USVI. The CEO will be a visible leader in the USVI and beyond who communicates and connects the internal and external constituencies to the Authority’s mission.

Qualifications: The successful candidate will have a record of executive leadership, sound fiscal management, and experience in a senior administrative position in the economic development arena. USVIEDA’s next Chief Executive Officer must demonstrate strategic planning and implementation skills, a strong commitment to shared governance, a demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion, and a history of effective management that creatively and effectively responds to emerging opportunities and challenges facing small island developing states and territories. An understanding of contemporary issues and challenges in economic development is necessary for USVIEDA’s next CEO. Candidates must show a demonstrated commitment to high-quality targeted marketing and attraction, site selection principles, resilience factors, hazard mitigation, business retention and expansion, and strategic economic diversification. This person must maintain the utmost personal and professional integrity; a strong political acumen; excellent oral and written communication skills; and a commitment to seeking financial support from corporations, federal and local government sources, and private donors. A masters’ degree or equivalent certification is required for candidacy.

Location: The United States Virgin Islands is located in the Caribbean, just east of Puerto Rico. The Territory has a rich history and culture and is recognized as a premier tourist destination. The population currently stands at approximately 103,000 and constitutes a mix of black, Hispanic, and Caucasian peoples. Categories of business include manufacturing, hospitality, financial services, designated services, technological, and e-commerce, among others. The territory intends to be more resilient and address issues including a diversified economy, agriculture and food security, ocean-based trade and exploration, energy security, education and workforce development, quality healthcare and lifestyles, and infrastructure development, among others. More information is contained in the USVIEDA Needs Assessment document.

Application: Interested candidates should submit only a cover letter and CV/Resume to USVIEDA at by July 17, 2020 to be eligible for consideration. For a confidential discussion about this opportunity or to make a nomination, please contact Wanda Sullivan, Vice President, The Pace Group at or at 662-401-1337. USVIEDA is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.