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Business Development Director


job description

This job description is intended primarily as an illustration of the type of work to be performed by the Business Development Director. The omission of specific duties does not exclude them if they are similar, related or logical assignments in support of the Orlando Economic Partnership mission.

OEP employees may occasionally be called upon to provide their unique talents and abilities to solve specific problems or to address specific questions outside their job description. These may be related either to their team’s mission or in support of an organizational goal. As such, they may be asked to participate in a variety of ad-hoc assignments and are expected to be flexible in their work practices and supportive of other team members. The Director is expected to contribute relevant input into the evaluation of team performance, technical systems, policies and procedures and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. All employees of the OEP are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the policies and procedures outlined in the OEP Personnel Manual which the Director is responsible for understanding.


Management: The Director may serve as a supervisor to one or more members of the Economic Recovery team and would be responsible for those employees’ goals, objectives, budget, strategic plan, and work plan. The Director implements OEP policies and procedures and is responsible in part for revenue generation and cost controls. The Director is expected to set an example of professionalism and expect professionalism from the team at all times.

Industry Sector Specialization: The Director will be responsible for developing a specific target sector, whether Corporate Headquarters, Advanced Manufacturing/Distribution, Aviation / Aerospace and Defense, or Simulation/Technology. The Director will provide input to develop industry sector strategy and target markets for business development and utilize OEP research as part of the analysis. Within the context of the OEP target sectors, the Director will conduct business development activities including: recruitment of new industry, retention and expansion of existing industry, start-up support and potentially international investment. Techniques to be deployed will include sales, marketing and targeted outreach. Directors should develop and maintain relationships with market leaders in their industry sector and become the OEP expert on that sector. Directors may serve as staff liaison for an industry cluster advisory group, made up of local experts and designed to provide guidance, industry knowledge and leads for the OEP.

Business Inquiries: The Director is required to respond to business development inquiries. They will prepare and package general or specific information for clients as needed. The Director will be responsible for responding to specific questionnaires or requests for information as presented by clients.

Prospect Database, Reporting & Follow-up: The Director is required to record their prospect contacts and progress on projects in the organization’s CRM, specifically Salesforce. New client projects and inquiries should be entered within the month they are received so they may be effectively reported and monitored.  Follow-up with active clients should be conducted regularly (no less than every thirty days is recommended) and reported accordingly in the CRM project database.

Tours:  Whether virtually or in person, the Director is responsible for conducting real estate and other community tours on behalf of visiting clients. This will include evaluating the client’s needs as they relate to community assets, exposing the client to the assets that have the greatest potential for success and introducing them to community leaders (public and private) that may be of benefit.

Sales Missions: In keeping with CDC guidelines, the Director may be required to conduct sales mission outside the region, calling on clients and prospects, and marketing the Orlando region in person. Accordingly, they should arrange travel schedules to most effectively utilize their time and OEP resources.  Sales missions may be conducted concurrently with certain trade shows and/or in collaboration with economic development partners.

Trade Shows & Conferences: The Director will be responsible for planning and participating whether virtually or in person, in certain industry-specific trade shows and conferences. Trade shows and conferences may be conducted concurrently with certain sales missions. Presenting at trade shows and conferences is a plus.

Consultants/VIPs: The Director will assist in the continued development and implementation of the OEP’s consultant/VIP outreach program. This includes identifying key contacts, meeting them out of market at sales missions and/or trade shows and conferences and may include hosting them during regional familiarization tours in-market.

State Relations: The Director will develop and maintain professional relationships with Enterprise Florida and other state agencies whose mission is to promote economic development. This relationship will accomplish two important tasks; ensure the generation of leads and provide contacts that will be able to assist OEP clients in furthering their interest in the Orlando region or facilitating the process once a business development decision has been made.

Community Relations: The Director will develop and maintain professional relations with local private and public entities that can either provide leads for the OEP or provide assistance to facilitate the business development process. Contacts include, but are not limited to, permitting agencies, city and county officials (particularly our economic development counterparts at the city and county level), real estate brokers, financial institutions, educational institutions, employment agencies and professional business associations.

Confidentiality: The Senior Director is expected to maintain the confidentiality and trade secrets of the OEP and its clients at all times.  To the greatest extent possible, the Director will be responsible for protecting information relevant to projects pursuant to the client’s request and all provisions of Florida’s statutes.

Business Plans & Budgets: The Director is responsible for the implementation of his/her individual work plan pursuant to the operational plan of the OEP. The Director will also assist in the development of his/her individual work plan, including the sector plan, as well as the Economic Recovery team’s section of the operational plan and related budgets. The Director will provide updates that accurately reflect any changes agreed to collaboratively by the team leader.

Teamwork: The Director operates as part of the Economic Recovery team, and that team operates as part of the larger organization. OEP leadership and staff embraces teamwork as an essential part of our success, and as such all team members are expected to share knowledge and help others when applicable. For example, this may include helping to develop strategies on venture capital for the region (regardless of sector), implementing best practices on working with industry groups, training others on proactive company outreach, etc.

Job Qualifications

 Familiar with Central Florida businesses, community development organizations, and the area’s elected officials preferred
Possess strong organizational, sales and customer service skills with a proven ability to develop relationships and negotiate deals
Possess outstanding verbal and written communications skills and must be proficient in making presentations to large groups of people
Proficient in financial budget development and management
Is computer savvy and able to effectively utilize the Microsoft Office suite and Salesforce or other CRM
Work independently and as an integral part of a team in a fast-paced ever-changing environment
Ability to prioritize and deliver on multiple projects concurrently
Has reliable transportation and able to travel for up to one week at a time
Has a current Passport