5/19/2020 SEDC Coffee Break

SEDC Coffee Break,

Welcome to the May 19th SEDC Coffee Break! Below, you will find some interesting, entertaining, and informative content to sip a coffee to and take your mind off of work for a short spell. If you would like to contribute to this program, please send a video, shorter than 15 minutes, to matthew@sedc.org. 

Watch These Six Flower Bloom Events From Your Couch

Spring is unfolding right before us, but the only problem is that many of us are self-isolating inside our homes in an effort to weather out the COVID-19 storm. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on seeing spring’s spectacular blooms. A number of gardens and public spaces around the world are documenting the blossoming of cherry blossoms, tulips, orchids and other flora in real-time and capturing it via videos and photographs. Here are six to see right now.


Blue Man Group: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

They came, they measured, and they returned to perform a show like no other. It was the great NPR Tiny Desk Takeover by Blue Man Group.

How Microwaving Grapes Makes Plasma


A bisected grape in the microwave makes plasma. But how does it work? A grape is the right size and refractive index to trap microwaves inside it. When you place two (or two halves) close together the fields interact with each other creating a maximum of electromagnetic energy where they touch. This creates heating, sparks, and plasma, which is further fed with energy directly by the microwaves.

Virtual Tour Through The Great Pyramid

See first-hand why the Great Pyramid at Giza is NOT A TOMB!