October 6, 2016
Risk of deglobalization hangs over world economy
The worry is that politics, economics and finance are combining in a way that threatens to throw globalization in reverse, Simon Nixon writes Read more

Technology Implications of the Brexit
The U.K. vote to withdraw from the European Union looks like it’ll take at least two years to unfold, and technology analysts are already talking consequences (or non-consequences) for IT investment and the telecommunications regulatory environment for the Brits. Read More
Exclusive: What’s Ahead for the Toyota Research Institute
The leader of Toyota’s efforts in robotics applications and cloud-based research talks about how the $1 billion effort is progressing. Read more         
Exclusive: Google Is Developing Its Own Uber Competitor
Uber faces an ever-growing cast of adversaries that includes dubious regulators, litigious drivers, hostile members of the press, and some well-funded rivals. Read more
It Pays To Be Out in Front
This year's edition of State of the States, in addition to containing updated legislative, demographic and education data, includes the second installment of six Rankings That Matter. Read more
Keeping Our Head Above Water
"The wretched refuse of your teeming shore" still finds shelter on US shores.

Read more



Boeing Consolidation To Benefit Oklahoma, Missouri
Boeing announced in September it will consolidate the majority of its defense services and support-related activities from Washington State to other locations in the US as part of efforts to improve the competitiveness of its Boeing Defense, Space & Security unit. Read more
Home Base
The domestic US industry is rebounding and the Mexican auto sector is soaring on the power of multiple megaplants. Read more