Checkup Time
New analysis can help corporate location evaluators better understand the fiscal health of the states they inhabit - or wish to inhabit.
And the Winner Is … Me.
An index of human capital from the World Economic Forum finds the organization's home territory at the top of the world.
The Lay of the Land
The pages highlight new laws and incentives policies enacted by state legislatures; key statements by governors; recent corporate facility projects; wage, employment, demographic and cost-of-doing-business facts; and key agency contacts in one easy-to-digest compendium.
Tailor Made
Incentives make the headlines, but data drives decisions.
The Future Is Flexible
Customer contact centers are gravitating to locations that can supply workers with a broader range of communication skills, especially social media.
National Geographic weighs in on manufacturing site selection trends related to natural gas. It's comprehensive reporting, and part of a series called The Great Energy Challenge.
Cities of Commerce
Joseph Parilla and Alan Berube at The Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program recently marked the anniversary with the debut of their "New North American Trade Map" concept and their report "Metro North America: Cities and Metros as Hubs of Advanced Industries and Integrated Goods Trade."
Right Under Your Nose
A company's facilities and the environment in which they exist can be a strong competitive advantage - or a persistent drag on profitability. There are many factors outside the control of a company that affect its bottom line, such as tax rates, infrastructure and the local education system, to name a few.