Monday, October 25

Workshop A. Building Research and Innovation Clusters
Discussion of the importance of research and innovation in creating jobs and building regional competitiveness, current initiatives and expected outcomes. Critical elements needed for success, urban and rural collaboration, and global competitiveness issues related to workforce, public/private resources and university level research.
Moderator:  Ted Abernathy, President, Southern Growth Policy Board, Research Park, NC
Panelists:    Mike Cuddy, Tech 2010, Oak Ridge, TN
                      Stephen Fleming, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
                       Randy Berridge, Florida High Tech Corridor Council, Inc.,  Heathrow, FL

Workshop B. Ecosystems Supporting Innovation Commercialization
Discussion of the critical ingredients for ecosystems supporting commercialization of innovations in both urban and rural environments. Elementsthat make ecosystems sustainable, major players, growth and enhancement, viewing ecosystems from both the public and private sector perspective.
Moderator:    Deborah Clayton, Kentucky Department of Commercialization and Innovation, Frankfort, KY  
Panelist:        Roger Shackleford, North Carolina Department of Commerce, Raleigh, NC
                        Sterling Wharton,  Centers of Innovation, Atlanta, GA
                        Joel Stevenson, USC Columbia Technology Incubator, Columbia, SC
                        Tino Mantella,Technology Association of Georgia, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Workshop C. Building Competitiveness through Global Trade
Trends in global trade, critical infrastructure needs, trade related outreach and initiatives including the importance of taking advantage of the global marketplace, and examples of avenues for commerce, business needs.
Moderator:     Rick Martin,  University of Georgia, Lawrenceville, GA
Panelists:       George Tracy, International Trade Administration, Atlanta, GA
                          Brian Davis,  The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
                         Scott Szwast, UPS,  Atlanta, GA
General Paul Dordal (Ret.), NavTech LLC, Fayetteville, NC                  

Tuesday, October 26

BREAKFAST Economic Outlook For the Southeast
Rajeev Dhawan, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

WORKSHOP SESSIONS                                                                           

Workshop D. Big Ideas Supporting Entrepreneurial Development
Presentation of a showcase of award winning initiatives supporting entrepreneurship, economic growth and jobs.
Moderator:     David Mixson,  Auburn Technical Assistance Center, Auburn, AL
Panelists:       Terry Reeves, EntrePaducah, Paducah, KY
                          Mark Smith, Auburn Technical Assistance Center with DesignSeed, Auburn, AL

Workshop E. Ecosystems Supporting Minority Small Business
Trends in minority businesses, demographics, and support systems promoting successful entrepreneurship and competitiveness. The panel will focus on the needs of minority small businesses and best practices supporting their growth and success.
Moderator:     Lurlene Irvin, PhD, Jackson State University, Jackson, MS
Panelists:       Patricia Williams, Georgia Micro Enterprise Network, Atlanta, GA
                         Joann Hill, Minority Business Development Agency, Atlanta, GA
                   Tisha Tallman, Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta, GA

Workshop F.  How Green is Your Future?
This panel will discuss what opportunities the green economy holds for job and wealth creation including energy production, manufacturing, and services.
Moderator:    Charity Pennock, Southern Growth Policies Board, Research Park, NC
Panelist:        Jill Stuckey, Center of Innovation for Energy, Atlanta, GA
                        Steve Lease,  AATYC WorkForce Training, Fort Smith, AK
                         Lisa Ferrell, Arkansas Energy Sector Partnership
                         Pauline Pieper Vernon, Memphis Bioworks Foundation, Memphis, TN
Listening to the South - The Road to Recovery
Ted Abernathy
, Southern Growth Policy Board, Research Park, NC